Texas emergency chief who led efforts to secure PPE dies of coronavirus and effects of leukemia – CNN

” David had been leading Atascosa County through the COVID-19 pandemic. His humor, heart, and passion for not just his EM job, however his family will be missed by numerous,” the county authorities added.
A lifelong commitment to serving others
Prior to he was designated as Atascosas emergency situation management organizer almost 6 years earlier, Prasifka served with the Jourdanton Volunteer Fire Department for more than 25 years, initially as a volunteer firemen and after that as chief.

As the emergency situation management planner of the Texas county, David Prasifka was always on the lookout for how he might assist his neighborhood.

” David leaps into things feet first. He never ever ranged from an issue,” Don Penny, the countys EMS director informed CNN. “He kept an eye out for everybody else.”
In his function as emergency situation management planner, Prasifka currently wore many hats. He would examine if someone got harmed on the task and would take actions to prevent it from taking place again. He would prepare the community for any harmful weather condition occasions and update people on any accidents or criminal activities around the county.
When the pandemic hit and quickly ended up being “overwhelmingly severe,” Prasifka “stepped in at every level,” Hurley, the county judge, said.
” He worked nights, he got up early in the morning. It didnt matter how far he had to go, what he had to do to get it.”
Prasifka had actually likewise led the countys efforts of organizing the state-run Covid-19 testings, helping move the screening websites around different areas to make it much easier for people to get evaluated.
” We most likely had more (screening websites) in our county than any other that are our size, at least in our area of Texas, and he ran them personally,” Hurley said. “Theres no question (he assisted conserve lives) … We had incredibly low numbers for a county our size until they opened the beaches and bars back up.”

Last week, Prasifka fell ill, with doctors detecting him with intense leukemia, according to Atascosa Judge Robert Hurley, who worked carefully with Prasifka on the countys Covid-19 efforts.

So when the
coronavirus pandemic started to creep in, he struck the ground running, browsing far and wide to obtain personal protective devices for the countys very first responders, health center personnel and necessary employees on the front lines of the fight against the infection.

Prasifka passed away on Saturday from the effects of leukemia and Covid-19,
according to his obituary. He was 58.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Atascosa county reported 148 confirmed cases and two deaths,
according to Johns Hopkins University date.

2 heavy diagnoses at once
Two weeks back, Prasifka chose to get checked at one of his Covid-19 screening websites “just for the heck of it,” Hurley said, and it returned unfavorable.
He had actually been feeling worn out and reducing weight, however he blamed it on an abscessed tooth. Then on Monday, he began having passing out spells so he went to the physician at the strong suggestion of his good friends and household.
” David was not the kind of person that would go to the doctor,” Hurley said. The medical professional diagnosed him with acute leukemia and he was confessed into a San Antonio hospital, where he was evaluated for the coronavirus as soon as again, a guideline at the medical facility.
This time, it returned favorable.
” He called me Friday early morning,” Hurley stated. “He informed me what his circumstance was and that he had evaluated positive, but that he felt terrific. They were going to start dealing with the leukemia and everything was going to be fine. He was positive similar to he always is.”
Hurley was later on informed that night by a member of the family that Prasifka was placed on a ventilator. Then by twelve noon the next day, his organs were shutting down.
” At 4:33, he was dead,” Hurley said.
Continuing his work
On Monday morning, dozens of first responders from Atascosa and the neighboring county of Bexar accompanied Prasifkas body from the healthcare facility to the funeral house.
” I stood on the side of the road and viewed that procession and simply cried,” Hurley said. “There were fire departments, authorities departments, emergency situation management departments from all over.
” Everybody remains in a state of sorrow over losing David. We still cant think hes gone. He was constantly simply there, constantly all set to assist,” he included.
Cent, the countys EMS director, has been working to keep Prasifkas work going.
” Its a real shame that a person of our biggest ones in Atascosa county, the one that was working the hardest to keep us straight passed away from (Covid-19),” Penny said. “I know that I will continue his battle. We dealt with this a lot together and he taught me a lot on the elements of his job.”

He never ran from an issue,” Don Penny, the countys EMS director told CNN. In his role as emergency management coordinator, Prasifka already used many hats. He would prepare the neighborhood for any unsafe weather condition occasions and update people on any accidents or criminal activities around the county.
” He called me Friday morning,” Hurley said.” Its a genuine embarassment that one of our greatest ones in Atascosa county, the one that was working the hardest to keep us directly died from (Covid-19),” Penny stated.

Prasifka leaves 4 children, his wife, Donna, and 5 grandchildren.
While there are no funeral services set up at this time, his household is asking that instead of flowers, individuals donate to leukemia or coronavirus research.