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Pet dogs ought to not be regularly tested for Covid-19, per CDC guidance.

A pet dog in North Texas was confirmed positive for Covid-19, ending up being the first pet dog in Texas to check positive for it, though experts do not recommend regular animal Covid-19 screening and animals are ruled out a major hazard for spreading out the illness.




” If your pet is revealing indications of a respiratory infection, talk to your vet so they can assess the animal for common respiratory illnesses prior to checking out possible SARS-CoV-2 infection,” a TAHC spokesperson told Forbes.

The Texas pet is the 5th dog in the U.S. to evaluate positive for Covid-19– the others were validated positive in June in New York and Georgia, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. In addition to the dogs, five felines, one lion and one tiger have checked positive for the illness in the United States. In a study of domestic animals and Covid-19, researchers concluded dogs are less prone to the disease than felines and other animals, per Nature.

The two-year-old pet, who resides in Tarrant County, remains healthy..

Animal owners with Covid-19 who need to look after their pet, need to wear a mask and wash hands before and after animal interaction.

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The researchers discovered ferrets to be highly vulnerable to the illness, reports Nature, which could make them appealing subjects for vaccine and healing screening..

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TAHC and CDC do not advise routine Covid-19 testing for animals, however do suggest that animal owners with Covid-19 “withstand contact” with their animals and other animals, consisting of “petting, cuddling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food or sleeping in the very same bed.”.

The domestic dog was checked for Covid-19 as a precautionary step after its owners were confirmed favorable for the disease, according to the Texas Animal Health Commission.

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