New symptoms arise as more young adults contract COVID-19 – WKRN News 2

” Over the past few days, theyre beginning to develop, theyre describing some brand-new signs, which sound like anything else? Soreness of throat, thats one thats unexpected, that wasnt a sign, blockage, headaches,” discussed Dr. Alex Jahangir with Metro Nashvilles Coronavirus Task Force.

Centers in Nashville tell News 2 their phones are calling off the hook with more youthful COVID-19 clients and incapacitating migraines, something they havent discovered a medication that works for.

” Around the country, were seeing more young individuals pertain to healthcare and typically having to be confessed to the health center,” stated Dr. William Schaffner, an Infectious Disease teacher at Vanderbilt University.

” The spectrum of signs continues to expand therefore younger individuals frequently do come in now somewhat to our surprise without fever, and this abdominal discomfort appears to impact them a little bit more,” stated Schaffner.

The present spike in cases throughout the country is reflected in Nashville, largely in more youthful adults ages 25 to 34 with new signs.

If you do agreement COVID-19, medical professionals recommend remaining hydrated and taking Tylenol.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)– As the numbers show, the increase in COVID-19 cases is predominantly from individuals in their 20s and 30s, and with that, doctors are finding a new set of symptoms.

” We recognize this infection can do a variety of damage to you, to no symptoms, mild signs, a bigger collection of signs, and certainly it can make you extremely ill and enter into the medical facility and disrupt the way much of your organs function,” described Schaffner.

Alertness is crucial. Focus on any of these signs, self-isolate, and wait a few days prior to getting tested. If taken too early, often tests are revealing up unfavorable.

Doctors recommend getting evaluated about four days after starting to feel symptoms, that way the infection will reveal up on the swab.

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While fever was initially the first telltale sign of the Novel Coronavirus, now numerous do not ever get one.

Other signs consist of nausea, diarrhea, loss of taste and odor, and serious headaches.


Watchfulness is crucial. Pay attention to any of these signs, self-isolate, and wait a couple of days before getting tested. Typically tests are showing up negative if taken too early.