30-year-old dies after Texas COVID party, thought coronavirus was a hoax – WABC-TV

Many who go to “COVID party” are competing to see who can catch the virus. During occasions reported in Alabama, some college trainees even bet money to provide to the “winner,” the one who captures COVID-19 initially.
Appleby stated she is seeing more and more coronavirus clients in their 20s and 30s. She stated she shared the story not to frighten people, however to ensure they understand that the infection can impact anybody.

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“He thought he was young and he was invincible and wouldnt get impacted … One of the things that was heart-wrenching that he stated to his nurse was, I think I made a mistake,” she stated.

SAN ANTONIO– A San Antonio doctor stated one of her health centers patients, a 30-year-old guy, died after participating in a so-called “COVID celebration”– a bizarre trend where youths purposefully get together with somebody whos infected.
Dr. Jane Appleby, chief medical officer for Methodist Healthcare facility and Methodist Kids Medical facility, stated the patient believed the coronavirus pandemic was a scam.

On Friday, Texas surpassed 10,000 hospitalized patients for the very first time, topping a week of grim markers that likewise saw the state exceed 10,000 new cases in a single day. And it has actually been the deadliest week of the pandemic in Texas, with 95 new deaths reported Friday.
“The tsunami is here,” stated Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez, the top authorities in one of the largest counties on the Texas-Mexico border.
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