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Dream collaboration: John Legend.
Preferred TV program: Whats Happening !!
Pop Hip-Hop or R&B: R&B.
Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat: Instagram.
Favorite food: baked potato.
Preferred sport: track and field.
Amusement park or beach: amusement park.
Favorite subject in school: reading.
Preferred holiday: Christmas.
Want the world: For racial profiling to stop towards Black individuals.

Keedron also says hes excited about being a recording artist and cant wait to share brand-new music..
” Im in L.A. today and Im working on the album and Im shooting the video,” he states..
And he already has some extremely notable fans: Both Barack Obama and LeBron James shared his video, which now has nearly four million views..
In addition to all of the enjoyment about his record deal, Keedron wants individuals to keep in mind something about what influenced his mom to compose, “I Just Wan na Live.”.
” The message was that Black people can live on earth and we could delight in life without having worry in our minds that something is going to take place to us,” he discusses. “So I just want to get the message out there that Black people belong here, too, and that we can take pleasure in life.”.
Bryant credits his family with keeping him well-informed about being a young Black male in America..
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(Photo courtesy of Bryant Family)” Me and my parents, or all of us in my family, we constantly talk about that I have to remember that Im a Black male,” he says. My moms and dads always talk to me about it and they never sugarcoat the talks about being Black.”.
To young Black girls and kids, includes the gospel-singing teen, he wishes to state “that despite the fact that you might feel a lot of discomfort, and all the racial profiling thats going on towards Black people, I want to just say dont let that get you down because God is gon na constantly be right there.”.
He includes, “Im simply truly grateful and Im grateful for what God is carrying out in my life right now. And … I simply actually hope that this can alter and we can be equal.”.
Due to the fact that the talent may be extremely hard to keep up with any day now, he worked on this little video game of fill-in-the-blank with Yahoo Life. Were calling it “Keeping up with Keedron”:.

” I Just Wan na Live” is out now and readily available on all streaming platforms.
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Keedron Bryants emotional plea, “I Just Wan na Live,” touched millions as the adolescents song protesting the killing of George Floyd went viral in May.
In a moving video Bryant shared on his Instagram, Keedron, who turned 13 right after the recording, sings a capella, “Im a young Black male, doing all that I can, to stand.” Those effective words were composed by the kids mom, Johnnetta Bryant.
” Before I tape-recorded the tune, we enjoyed the George Floyd death,” Keedron, of Jacksonville, Fla., remembers for Yahoo Life. “My mommy offered me the lyrics to the song and I practiced meditation on the song and I prayed on the tune and after that I taped the song because I stated, Im all set.”
Now Keedron is signed to Warner Records, which launched the official, Dem Jointz– produced variation of “I Just Wan na Live” in June, donating all net revenues to the NAACP..
” We picked to donate 100 percent of the earnings to the NAACP because I simply truly wish to invest in a Black owned company,” the teenager states..