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JACKSONVILLE, Fla.– Now that more individuals in Duval County are getting tested for the unique coronavirus, the Duval County health department said that has caused confusion about when to start self-quarantining.
Which confusion can cause the additional spread of the infection, health authorities stated.
When COVID-19 testing initially started, there was no confusion over when to self-isolate due to the fact that the tests were just carried out on individuals who had signs.
Now that everybody is being checked, the start of self-isolation varies.
When it comes to COVID-19 screening, the Duval County Health Department said there are 2 types of individuals being checked: Those who have signs of the infection who require to quarantine at house up until they get their test results verified and those who think they have actually been exposed but are not experiencing symptoms.
Tawanda Washington is the Assistant Director of Nursing for the Duval County Health Dept.
She said people with COVID-19 symptoms need to begin their 14-day quarantine the minute they observe the symptoms. Those without symptoms who think they may have come into contact with an infected person need to begin their quarantine the day they take their test.
“That would be optimal, to be able to quarantine yourself till you get your outcomes back, due to the fact that if youre favorable, your go back to regular activities would be at least 10 days from the date of your test. Not the day of your outcomes but the day of your test,” Washington said.
However due to the fact that those people without symptoms cant constantly get time off from work until their test results come back, Washington stated its still their duty to take preventative measures.
“Wear a face mask at all times. Social range,” Washington said.
Washington likewise stated that if you have actually been around someone who is infected and decide to instantly get evaluated, there is a likelihood the outcomes will come back unfavorable since the virus requires to be in your body for a number of days before it can be discovered. And it takes numerous days before symptoms are noticeable.
When it comes to COVID-19 is getting their message about checking out to the Hispanic community, the health department said another emerging problem they are dealing with.
While they do not have to fret about language barriers, they are fretted about individuals who decline to get tested because theyre undocumented immigrants.
The health department wants to guarantee everybody they will not be singled out.