Patient dies after catching coronavirus at COVID party in Texas – The Jerusalem Post

Other states have likewise seen
COVID celebrations being held, such as Washington state and Alabama.

” This is a worrying boost from a positive rate of about five percent just numerous weeks earlier,” Appleby discussed, according to WOAI/KABB.

The coronavirus “does not discriminate and none of us are invincible,” she included, according to the report. “I dont desire to be an alarmist, and were just trying to share some real-world examples to assist our community understand that this infection is really major and can spread out easily.”

COVID-19 cases in Texas, including in Bexar County, where San Antonio is, have actually spiked substantially in current days as the pandemic continues to get worse throughout the US. In Bexar County, favorable coronavirus tests increased to 22%.

A client in their 30s who contracted the book
coronavirus at a “COVID party” in San Antonio, Texas, died from the virus, regional NBC affiliate WOAI/KABB reported.

A COVID celebration is a celebration hosted by an identified COVID-19 client to see if guests get infected. According to Methodist Healthcares chief medical officer Dr. Jane Appleby, the core concept of these parties is to see if the virus is real.

” Just before the client died, they took a look at their nurse and stated I think I made an error, I believed this was a scam, but its not,” Appleby stated, according to WOAI/KABB.