Barista calls $100,000 tip over mask tiff ‘mind-blowing’ – Los Angeles Times

That caught the eye of Matt Cowan, an Irvine marketing and brand name strategist, who thinks masks are a good idea and web bullying a bad one. So he began a “Tips for Lenin for Standing Up to a San Diego Karen,” utilizing a social media label for overly entitled individuals who boil over in public.
He was expecting $1,000.
The campaign reached that within hours, then struck $5,000 and kept growing. Something about it struck a nerve, vibrating along the cultural and political fault lines that rupture a lot of American life these days, even during a public health crisis.
Papers and TELEVISION stations in San Diego and elsewhere got the word out and brought interest from donors as far as Australia.

Now, what when looked like dreams are objectives– and achievable. He prepares to move from community college to Cal State Fullerton and research study kinesiology, the mechanics of human motion. His enthusiasm is hip-hop-infused dancing, and he wants to apply what he learns to that art kind, and share it with others as an athletic fitness instructor.
” I seem like Ive been provided this unbelievable opportunity that I never ever saw coming,” he stated, “and I do not desire to waste it.”
This wasnt the very first time a client entered into Starbucks without a mask, Gutierrez stated. It wasnt the last time, either.
” I would say about 80% of the people are cooperative and wear masks,” he stated. “Another 10% just forgot and are regretful about not having one. And after that there are maybe 10% who just do not want to use one.”

The majority of people offered small sums, $10 or $20, however there were a great deal of them– almost 8,000– and as the cash gathered, Cowan stated he recognized his virtual idea container wasnt simply making a statement. It was altering a life.
Gutierrez grew up in Chula Vista in a family without much money. He said they consumed a great deal of rice and beans. At Christmas, packages under the tree were prettily wrapped, but primarily empty.
When the GoFundMe drive hit $10,000, he was delighted. One hundred thousand?
” Its more money than anybody in my family has ever had,” he said.

He deposited the money, and is trying now to settle back into something approaching normalcy, even as his co-workers at Starbucks sometimes rib him about being “popular.”.
Hes been working part time for the coffee retailer for about 3 years and has no plans to quit. “Im not viewing this as something that indicates I can take a break from life,” he stated. “Im going to keep going as if the cash never existed.”.
That consists of masks too.
” Its the least we can do,” he stated. “If all the medical professionals and health specialists are right, we can assist stop the spread of the virus. And if theyre wrong, its just a mask on your face. Its not that huge of a deal.”.

His experience dovetails with public ballot on the problem. A Pew Research report from late June found that 80% of Americans have used masks a minimum of some of the time while in shops, and 65% have actually used them all or the majority of the time. 7 percent stated they never ever use a mask.
Gutierrez wasnt expecting to get the money in cash. It was also a way to reveal donors the project was legitimate; there have been fundraising scandals involving people raising money for apparently worthy causes and then taking the proceeds.
” Great day to change someones life,” Cowan said at one point in the video, just before he parked his vehicle at Miramar Reservoir and walked toward Gutierrez with the metal briefcase.
” I do not know what to say,” Gutierrez stated when he opened the case and saw the stacks of bills. “This is so astonishing right now.”

They brought him the money in a silver metal briefcase and placed it on a picnic table at Miramar Reservoir. Up came the lid: $100,000 in paper-strapped stacks of $50 costs.
All those greenbacks next to all that blue water– no surprise Lenin Gutierrezs eyes got big.
” I [have] never seen anything like this other than in the motion pictures,” he stated.
3 weeks back, the 24-year-old college trainee was operating at a Starbucks in Clairemont when a customer was available in without wearing a face mask. He pointed out the coronavirus guidelines, she left, and after that criticized him on Facebook for declining to serve her.

He resides in Clairemont with among his sisters, who was with him at the picnic table. His other sister was there too. Was his lawyer.
Hes needed to get smarter about a lot of things since all of this happened, he said. Whats legal. Whats smart. Hes been talking with a financial advisor too.
” A lot of doors are opening up for me due to the fact that of this,” Gutierrez stated. “I desire to make certain Im doing the right thing, setting myself up for my life down the roadway.”
Thats why the top place he went after he left the tank was to the bank. All that cash made him nervous.

He stated they consumed a lot of rice and beans.” I would state about 80% of the individuals are cooperative and wear masks,” he said. Seven percent stated they never wear a mask.
Hes had to get smarter about a lot of things given that all of this happened, he said. “Im not viewing this as something that indicates I can take a break from life,” he said.

Unless, of course, someone makes it one.
Wilkens writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune.