Russia May be First to Have Covid-19 Vaccine as Human Trial Completes, Indians Rejoice with Memes – Yahoo India News

In news that has broken the Internet, Russia has actually ended up being the very first country to complete clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccine on humans, and the results have proven the medications efficiency, the media reported on Sunday.
Chief scientist Elena Smolyarchuk, who heads the Center for Clinical Research on Medications at Sechenov University, informed Russian news agency TASS on Sunday that the human trials for the vaccine have been completed at the university and they will be released quickly.
” The research has been finished and it proved that the vaccine is safe. The volunteers will be released on July 15 and July 20,” Smolyarchuk was quoted as stating in the report.
There was, nevertheless, no more details on when this vaccine would go into commercial production stage.
Back in India, the country has so far signed up 850K cases of individuals impacted with the fatal infection while more than 22K individuals have lost their battle to COVID-19.
As the news broke out, desi netizens rejoiced the minute with memes.
On the other hand, the very first vaccine, in the type of a solution for intramuscular administration, was performed at the Burdenko Military Hospital.
Another vaccine, in the form of a powder for the preparation of an option for intramuscular administration, was carried out at Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.
The very first stage of research on the vaccine at Sechenov University included a group of 18 volunteers and the second group involved 20 volunteers.
After vaccination, all volunteers were expected to remain in isolation in a medical facility for 28 days.
Previously, results of the COVID-19 vaccine tests carried out on a group of volunteers in Russia showed that they were establishing immunity to the coronavirus.
” The information acquired by the Gamalei National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, shows that volunteers of the very first and second groups are forming an immune response after injections of the vaccine versus the coronavirus,” according to an earlier declaration from the Russian Defense Ministry.
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