Shame on you: Florida woman, 26, dies of COVID-19 after hospital didnt test her for coronavirus, family says – WLS-TV

As her condition got worse, Desi-rae McIntosh was admitted to the health center on July 9 and tested positive for COVID-19. However ABC affiliate
WEAR-TV reports it was too late, and she died only four days later on.
McIntoshs daddy stated she operated at a Tom Thumb up till she was hospitalized. Now, candle lights and flowers sit outside the gas station in her memory.
” Desi was the most sweetest, truthful, caring and loving individual you could ever perhaps want to fulfill,” stated her daddy, Thomas Frisch.
About two weeks earlier, McIntosh began having a cough and shortness of breath. Frisch said she went to the health center, was identified with pneumonia and was sent out home to recover.
Frisch stated she was never ever evaluated for COVID-19 at the time.
” If I pertain to your medical facility and I have pneumonia and you do not examine me for COVID, pity on you,” her daddy said.

” She started coughing and so I could tell capturing her breath was tough,” stated Taylor Kennedy, among Desis regular consumers.
Last week, Kennedy said she observed Desis condition becoming worse and motivated her to return to the healthcare facility.
” She didnt desire to problem anyone with what she believed was her issue,” Kennedy stated. “So all I stated to her was that theres absolutely nothing that someone could buy that would replace your life.”
Frisch said last Thursday, Desi was admitted to the hospital and at that time she evaluated positive for COVID-19. Yet, it was far too late.
Desi was transferred to the ICU, placed on a ventilator and died just 4 days later on.

Since of coronavirus limitations, Frisch wasnt able to be with his only child for the last minutes of her life.
” I will not have the ability to see her smiling face no more,” he said, burglarizing tears. “I wont have the ability to hug her.”
Frisch said Desi had underlying conditions, including asthma and diabetes.
He believes that if medical professionals checked her for COVID-19 at first and she was treated immediately, she might still be alive.
Frisch said he didnt take the infection seriously previously. He wants others to not wait up until its too late.
” I was one of those Oh I do not require a mask, masks do not work, the social distancing thing is silly,” he stated. “No, that is entirely wrong.”

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla.– A 26-year-old Florida lady died from COVID-19 after her family says she went to the health center and was sent house to recuperate without being checked for coronavirus.

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