Hartford Infant Died of SIDS, Had COVID-19: OCME – NBC Connecticut

In April, Gov. Ned Lamont revealed the baby girl was the youngest person whose death was related to the coronavirus. Since Friday, 4,396 people have passed away of the coronavirus in Connecticut.

Babies sometimes pass away of unusual causes or hazardous sleeping conditions. When there is no definitive cause of death, these deaths are usually ruled “undetermined” or “Sudden unexpected/Unexplained Death in Infancy,” according to the OCME.

Officials confirmed the baby was contaminated with COVID-19 by sending out lung tissue to the CDC. It is presently unclear how the virus may affect babies, and it is therefore uncertain how the COVID-19 infection may have contributed to the childs death, if at all.

A 6 and a half week-old child from Hartford whose death was reported to be related to the coronavirus was contaminated with the infection, however the cause of death was determined to be Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SIDS), the Workplace of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) validated Friday.