Los Angeles County COVID-19 cases continue to surge after a record-breaking week – Los Angeles Times

In the last two weeks, cases have spread out quicker in numerous suburban counties– including Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino– than in L.A. County, according to a Times analysis.
Across California, transmission rates for coronavirus continued to rise. The total number of verified COVID-19 cases topped 375,000 Friday, and the variety of deaths went beyond 7,600.
Hospitalizations likewise have actually continued to increase statewide, stressing experts because a steep rise in clients might overwhelm the health care system.
On the other hand, in Orange County, health authorities on Saturday reported 702 freshly validated COVID-19 cases and 25 additional deaths, as the overall number of cases continued to surge.

Health authorities have asked locals to cover their faces when they leave their homes, and to prevent the “three Cs” of the pandemic: crowded places, confined areas, and close contact with anybody not in their home.
If you think you have COVID-19, remain home, get checked as quickly as possible and act as if you have the infection till you get your test results, officials state. That means self-isolating for 10 days, and for three days after any symptoms decrease.
” We are all experiencing the disappointment from this pandemic,” Barbara Ferrer, L.A. Countys public health director, said in a ready declaration. “I ask that we each behave with kindness and consider that we can all prevent sickness and death.”
Homeowners of L.A. County still represent more than half the deaths in California. However as cases rise in other areas, the countys share of the total variety of cases is decreasing: about 40% now, compared to about half in May.

Cases have continued to rise uncontrolled across California, with more than 380,000 total confirmed cases Saturday. Hospitalizations have more than doubled and deaths have actually almost tripled considering that Gov. Gavin Newsom started permitting organisations to reopen May 8.
” The simple truth of this fight is that this virus is affecting increasingly more of us every day,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti stated Friday.

After the worst week for brand-new transmissions because the COVID-19 pandemic started, Los Angeles County reported an extra 2,770 positive cases and 37 deaths on Saturday.
For the fourth consecutive day, L.A. County saw more than 2,100 people hospitalized for COVID-19, the Department of Public Health said. Of those patients, 18% are on ventilators and 28% remain in the extensive care unit.
Public health authorities stated they are especially concerned that adults more youthful than 40 are being hospitalized at the greatest rate yet throughout the pandemic.
Of the 37 individuals whose deaths were reported Saturday, 25 were older than 65, officials said. Two of the victims were younger than 40, both with underlying health conditions.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases countywide stands at 29,011, and 494 related deaths given that the pandemic started. The variety of infections in Orange County has grown significantly over the last month and is now second just to Los Angeles Countys total.

After a spike in cases, Newsom closed bars in 7 counties, consisting of Los Angeles, on June 28, and in-restaurant dining on July 1. Officials have actually said that it will take a minimum of three weeks to learn whether those closures had an effect.