Dr. Frankovich on Non-Mask-Wearing Bus Drivers, Large Social Gatherings and the Possibility of Humboldt County Ending Up on the State Watch List – Lost Coast Outpost

( 0:00) Some regional bus drivers are being permitted to remove their
facial coverings while driving due to possible visibility impacts
and safety concerns. Does this posture a concern from Public Healths.
viewpoint provided the number of people who might possibly be.
exposed to an unmasked chauffeur in a given day?
Dr. Frankovich says:.
” Obviously we desire chauffeurs to be safe in their driving. Thats.
extremely crucial.”.
A pointer, though: There.
are lots of various masks out there, and a few of them may work.
much better for particular people. Dr. Frankovich highly motivates.
drivers to look for out masks that work for them.
( 1:30) In current.
weeks, you and Deputy Health Officer Josh Ennis have actually stated repeatedly.
that social events and travel have been largely accountable for.
regional spread of the infection. As we send this, weve seen three lots.
brand-new cases verified over the past 10 days. Has this pattern held and.
are most of these brand-new cases linked to celebrations and/or.
take a trip?

Our body immune system is more than simply antibodies. A person can come.
down with the virus, get well, and still have antibodies in their.
blood. The level of those antibodies might decrease to undetectable.
levels, but that individual may still be protected from serious illness.
by other elements of the immune system.
the end of the next question, Dr. Frankovich adds: Antibody test may.
be available through your doctor. Shes not familiar with any locally.
available complimentary.
antibody testing.
( 9:45) Do you.
know, are COVID-19 particles destroyed through refrigeration or contact.
with the sun?


” A.
huge chauffeur of our local cases is connected to both.
travel and events, and sometimes the two of them integrated,” Dr.
Frankovich states. : An individual can take a trip out of the area,.
agreement the infection, and after that go to a social event. The original.
individual is put down as a travel-related.
cases, and the others are put down in the “close contact”.
( 2:55) Are this.
weeks cases at all linked to the wedding/large gathering that.
occurred in Petrolia 2 weeks ago? Does Public Health think that.
the event is part of the reason weve seen a boost in cases.

There are really appealing trials underway right now, she states, however the.
bottom line is: We have actually never ever produced a vaccine against a.
coronavirus before. And it takes a good quantity of time to ensure.
that a possible vaccine is both safe and efficient.

” At this point, I would state I would hate to see us put all the method.
back into shelter-in-place,” Dr. Frankovich says. “Locally, our.
conditions do not merit that today.”.
( 5:10) National.
health specialists have expressed optimism about the development of an.
reliable coronavirus vaccine by the end of this year or early 2021.
However at a current Board of Supervisors conference, Supervisor Rex Bohn.
stated there might never ever be a vaccine for COVID-19 and you concurred thats.
a possibility. How realistic do you believe it is to expect to have an.
efficient vaccine with enduring protection versus COVID-19 in the.

Nobody particular gathering has actually been a driver, Dr. Frankovich states,.
Gatherings in general have actually been. She reminds people that even.
a young individual may participate in a function without too much worry of.
getting seriously ill, they might end up being a carrier of the infection and.
pass it on to people who are at far higher danger.
( 3:45) Given.
rising rates of infections and hospitalizations in other parts of.
the state and some counties failure to perform adequate.
contact tracing, some lawmakers and health professionals have called on.
the governor to issue another statewide shutdown. Do you feel the.
state has actually crossed the limit to where this may be essential to.
include the virus or do you think counties must be permitted to.
continue to exercise regional control where conditions necessitate?

In todays media accessibility, Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich took concerns on bus drivers not using masks, social gatherings, antibody tests, vaccine development and whether Humboldt is on the brink of being placed on the state watch list. Plus a lot more.
Below: The concerns asked and a rough summary of Dr. Frankovichs answers, with timestamps corresponding to the video above.

” Certainly were seeing an increase in cases and I know thats.
a concern, however I believe that as we move on through the COVID.
landscape, were visiting that boost rather than reduce.
significantly,” Dr. Frankovich says. “I believe thats definitely.
the trend. I believe that if you require some routine health care.
upkeep done, I think its an important time to just get in and.
do it.”.
( 11:20) How.
close is Humboldt to being on the tracking list, are we at all.
There are a couple of.
aspects that enter into placement on the monitoring list. Healthcare.
capacity is one, and were great on that front right now.
The element thats.
closest to putting us on the list right now, Dr. Frankovich states, is.
our case rate. One thing thatll put a county there is a rate of 25.
diagnosed cases per 100,000 population over a period of 2 week–.
were right around there, and have actually surpassed it sometimes–.
combined with a positive test rate of 8 percent or higher, which we.
are well below.
That favorable test.
rate is keeping us off the list, but the increase in cases is.

Likewise: Though vaccine would be key to ending the pandemic, an.
effective way to deal with people who do come down with the virus– to.
keep them alive and healthy– would also be a “game-changer.”.
She says shes enthusiastic that a treatment may end up being offered in.
the near-term.
( 7:15) Can you.
provide an update on PPE available in the county for health care workers.
and medical personnel? Is extra PPE being sent to nursing homes.
and assisted living facilities too?
county attempts to assist other regional entities keep their PPE stock up,.
Dr. Frankovich states, however most of those entities are also protecting.
their own materials. They county will help providers, and will.
step in to supply firms on an emergency situation basis.
( 8:30) Previously.
we reported on complimentary antibody testing to find previous direct exposure to.
COVID 19 that was offered at one regional center. Are antibody.
tests reputable, and will they end up being easily available to the basic.

” What were seeing to date is encouraging,” Dr. Frankovich.
says. “Is it possible we will have an effective vaccine in early.
2021? I think its possible. I believe if we do, the supply of that.
vaccine is going to be a problem.”.

The innovation is respectable now, Dr. Frankovich says, but the.
utility of the test can be a problem. “We truly do not understand what.
If we find an antibody– whether its providing you, it suggests.
protection or not, if it does for how long, and what level of.
antibody you require to be protected.”.

Dr. Frankovich says that she is not knowledgeable about either of those things.
being an effective methods to damage COVID-19. Sanitizer,.
hand-washing, masking, social distancing– those are the methods we.
understand to stop the spread of the infection.
( 10:30) Should.
individuals still look for non-emergency treatment and go to routine.
medical consultations at this time?