Floridas youngest coronavirus death, a 9-year-old girl, identified – Fox News

Household members said the girl had no hidden health conditions when she suddenly came down with a high fever, according to the New York Post,
According to a GoFundMe page produced in the girls name — which explained her as “jovial, fun-loving, and free-spirited”– Kimmie initially started to experience stomach pain and established a 103-degree fever. She was required to UF Health on July 11, provided Tylenol and treated for an infection, but the fundraising site stated she was not tested for COVID-19.

Later on that same day, “she informed her mother she was feeling worn out, so she was going to lie down.” A short time later on, Kimmie was found unresponsive and CPR efforts made by relative were not successful. A COVID-19 test was performed posthumously and showed she was favorable for coronavirus, per the page.
” No one deserves this, words cant reveal that she was simply incredible. And she didnt have a chance to live her life but she was always pleased, she was resistant and she just was an outgoing girl,” her cousin Dejeon Cain informed local media outlet WCJB-TV.

The novel coronavirus has actually declared the life of its youngest victim in Florida, a 9-year-old Putnam County woman determined as Kimora “Kimmie” Lynum.

Days later, on July 17, Kimmie was playing and “was in excellent spirits that day,” according to the page.

The lady is the fifth minor to pass away from COVID-19 in the state, according to the New York Post.

” It struck home, and I think a great deal of people out here are not comprehending that we have to take this thing seriously,” family spokesperson Dejeon Cain told the media outlet, fearing more kids could die from COVID-19.

” We can not send our kids to school in the middle of a pandemic and use them as a pawn. Weve lost empathy in our state and city governments,” Cain added.
” Families require to look at that and say OK, how can I reduce the risk?” Dr. Jason Littleton told regional outlet FOX 35-TV in Orlando. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just recently released a set of guidelines on how to reopen schools securely.).

This is not the only tragedy to strike the family this year. According to numerous media outlets, Kimmies father, Theophilus Lynum, was shot and killed in April in Alachua County, Fla.. Authorities are still investigating his death and no arrests have actually been made yet.
The GoFundMe page in Kimmies name was developed to assist cover funeral expenses and also set up a scholarship in her name.

The womans household is now speaking out versus permitting kids to physically go back to Florida schools, according to an interview on Florida news outlet First Coast News.

A short time later, Kimmie was discovered unresponsive and CPR efforts made by household members were unsuccessful. This is not the only tragedy to strike the family this year. Police are still investigating his death and no arrests have been made.

Kimmie did not have contact with a person positive for the novel coronavirus nor was her case travel-related, according to data from the Florida Department of Health, as pointed out by the New York Post.