New poll shows who is more likely to say they wear a mask –

There was likewise a divide along racial lines. Eighty percent of nonwhite Americans state they use a mask every time theyre in a public area with others. Thats compared to 61 percent of white people who say the exact same.

The NBC News/SurveyMonkey Weekly Tracking Poll found 97 percent of Democrats or people that lean Democratic say they wear a mask a minimum of the majority of the time when they leave their houses and may be in contact with others. Republicans and those who lean Republican, 70 percent state the very same overall.

The survey likewise showed that elderly Americans are most likely to wear a mask each time they leave house and may touch with others.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)– A new poll launched by NBC News shows who is more likely to state they wear a mask when leaving house.

According to NBC News, the data is from a set of SurveyMonkey online surveys taken from July 20 to July 26 with a sample of 46,450 adults in the United States.

Sixty-eight percent of adults say they wear a mask each time they leave home, 16 percent state they do so most of the time, 10 percent say they wear a mask some of the time and simply 5 percent say never ever, according to the survey.