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Out of the blue, for lack of better words, I felt like I got struck with a ton of bricks. Theres no set timeline with when youll experience certain symptoms and when youll get better.
When I think Im getting better, I fall back. I invested time with my parents shortly before I got sick. I cant say thank you enough to those who felt simply texting me get well soon wasnt enough.

Its as simple as that. However its still made complex.
And its hard to write.
Im unique or not distinct. I sign up with more than 4 million individuals across our country. INDIVIDUALS. Not numbers. People. I feel for all of them. And their households. Its not a pleasant process. For some, its even worse than others. More than 151,000 Americans have died. I cant envision their final minutes; the discomfort their families endured not being by their side.
Ive gotten back up and kept moving. Out of the blue, for lack of much better words, I felt like I got struck with a heap of bricks. I had actually simply taken time off, treking a number of miles a day.
Then this.
Its the sickest Ive been in my adult life. This virus isnt one size fits all. Theres no set timeline with when youll experience particular signs and when youll get much better.
The coronavirus has tried to dominate my body. When I believe Im getting much better, I regress. I get up and walk around. I get struck with a tight chest and coughing. I have difficulty breathing. One night, it was especially bad. If I need to go to the medical facility, I questioned. I called my parents, my brother and my buddy who is an ER nurse. I didnt go. I dont desire to take up a bed or utilize a doctors or nurses time when there are people who certainly require it more than me. That would not be fair. However the idea crossed my mind.
Its real. Individuals might say the numbers are still small and the infection isnt that bad. Thats their right to feel that way. Its very various when it gets you or someone you enjoy.
While the infection has not been fun, the symptoms arent the worst part of the formula. That I might assist this nasty virus spread and prey on others.
I spent time with my moms and dads soon before I got ill. That was my biggest fear. To this day, I bug them continuously to make sure they dont have any symptoms. The anxiety has been intense. I could not imagine having them sick and possibly being the cause.
Theyve been amazing, supporting me however they can. Theyve dropped off food and Facetimed me to inspect on me. Theyve offered me words of support. Thank the Lord, theyve been healthy.
I cant say thank you enough to those who felt simply texting me get well soon wasnt enough. From now on, Ill be intentional and invested in others going through tough times. I know others arent as lucky to have the support I did.
When I found out I was exposed, I immediately cut myself off from EVERYONE! I listed everyone I saw and everyone I was in contact with over the previous numerous days. Did my co-anchor, who got swabbed to alleviate her mind.
I knew when and how I was exposed. Im grateful I discovered, as it assisted me know my danger for establishing the infection. It also assisted me isolate and make appropriate alerts. To this day, I have not received a single call from anybody in federal government notifying me I had been exposed or asking about who I potentially exposed. Containing this bug has ended up being incumbent upon ourselves.
I didnt need a test to understand I had COVID-19. My body understood.

Vics coronavirus timeline
Everyones body reacts in a different way to the infection. This is how mine reacted.

Life moves on. Turn off the news and stay off social media, and the infection unexpectedly loses its priority. You do not understand their circumstance.
Im getting through it. I hope to put it in my past extremely quickly. I cant help thinking about those who do not have as excellent an opportunity.
Isolation is a killer, too.
I also think of the medical employees and very first responders who are handling catastrophe and putting their lives at danger. My own relatives operate in the ICUs in a few of the most significant hotspots in the world. Theyve had numerous patients pass away on them. This harms them more than theyll confess.
As I sat in bed, day after day, trembling, I watched the world go on without me. I saw individuals I understand acting irresponsibly. Its not my location to inform people what to do or how to believe.
Lockdown takes a toll on your psychological health. Its lonely and at times frustrating. Its the best thing to do.
And I felt it was time to inform it. I live a relatively public life and essentially disappeared in the matter of a few hours. I informed those who required to know so they might secure themselves and then I focused on beating this health problem.
Its also not the standard. The coronavirus affects everybody differently.
I went from having among the busiest schedules of anyone I understand to sitting in the house. Hour after hour. Day after day. I want to emerge from this more powerful, kinder, more compassionate, more grounded, more client. I pray it becomes more workable. I think having a positive frame of mind is a huge factor.
Im feeling much better today than I have considering that day 1. Its been a slow process, however I feel that Im recovering well. Many of the symptoms have actually gone away and Im planning a safe return to society. I want to be efficient again. Active. I desire to see individuals, albeit from a safe distance. I wish to be of service to our community.
I want life to return to typical simply as much as you do. I likewise understand some things may never be the same.
Many of you will keep scrolling. Your life will go on.
Possibly a few will help make a distinction. Ive taken care. I couldve done more. You can too. You understand what to do. Do it for your liked ones. Do it for the higher good. Take this thing seriously. Or, at least, respect others who do. Examine your loved ones. Exceed and beyond for others.
Were in this together.
God bless.
* I wish to use my experience to assist. I desire to be a resource. Please reach out through email or Facebook if theres anything I can do.