Fauci, Birx recommend wearing goggles, face shields in addition to masks – WANE

by: Alexa Mae Asperin and Nexstar Media Wire

Jul 30, 2020/ 05:50 PM EDT

/ Updated:
Jul 30, 2020/ 12:59 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)– Dr. Anthony Fauci is now recommending that individuals use safety glasses, or some other kind of eye security to much better protect themselves from COVID-19.

The CDC has actually already been advising people use some kind of eye covering, however neither the CDC nor Dr. Fauci has pressed using goggles due to the fact that they are not as easily readily available as face masks.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, advised using face guards in addition to masks.

” The thing about the face guards– we think that might protect the people and that it would reduce the ability for them to touch their eyes and spread out the virus as well as those beads coming towards them. So there are 2 various innovations for two different factors.”

” The mask protects others, to obstruct those droplets and obstruct that contamination that takes place when you speak or sing or talk, and even breathe,” Birx said on “Fox & & Friends” Thursday morning.

Thats in addition to face masks.