It was pretty scary | 27-year-old hospitalized with COVID-19 in Tennessee –

” My spouse is 4 months pregnant so it was actually frightening initially. She began having truly bad headaches and throwing up,” Livingston stated. “A couple of days later on, our eight-month-old began getting horribly overloaded.”

” I was on the bandwagon of, Hey, I got a strong body immune system,” Livingston said. “My political feelings are its type of frightening when the government begins mandating masks because … where are the requireds going to stop?”

He was put on breathing treatments and oxygen, along with a range of medications to assist him improve.

” I was having coughing fits; I could not stop coughing,” he said. “I had to arch my chest out and sit directly up just to be able to breathe.”

MORRISTOWN, Tenn.– On July 19, Robert Livingston awakened with a fever and neck and back pain. He didnt have any shortness of breath but still drove to the hospital for a COVID-19 test.

For 3 days, he combated COVID-19 alone in his medical facility space. He stated his high blood pressure increased and his oxygen levels were low.

After spending three days in the health center, talking with his nurses and doctors, he stated his outlook has changed.

After about a week, they all started to recover– or so he thought.

On Saturday, he was finally able to return home to continue recuperating from the infection. He stated this experience has actually changed his outlook on COVID-19.

” Four days after the medicine, it just hit me out of nowhere: body sweats, cough and chest discomfort,” Livingston stated. “When I finally could not take it no more, I lastly went back to the hospital … Im 27 years old, extremely healthy and I work out a lot.”

His outcomes came back positive. Soon after, his better half and their eight-month-old child evaluated positive too.

” People have their viewpoints, however after talking with individuals who are physicians and do this for a living, wearing a mask can possibly conserve your life,” he said. “A mask has no preference whether youre Republican or Democrat. Its a health thing.”

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Robert Livingston, his wife and his 8-month-old child all tested positive for COVID-19 last month.

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” My better half is 4 months pregnant so it was really frightening at. She started having truly bad headaches and tossing up,” Livingston said. “A couple of days later on, our eight-month-old began getting terribly overloaded.”

” People have their viewpoints, however after talking to people who are doctors and do this for a living, using a mask can potentially save your life,” he said.