French firm Sanofi indicted over epilepsy drug Depakine – BBC News

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In 2018 aggrieved parents objected versus Sanofi

French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi is being investigated for possible murder charges in France over the deaths of four babies whose mothers took the anti-epilepsy drug valproate.
Marketed in France as Depakine, it was discovered to bring a high danger of birth flaws if taken by pregnant ladies.
Sanofi denies wrongdoing and says it cautioned of the possible risks long ago.
It is currently being prosecuted in France for apparently providing misleading details about the drug
New evidence of harm from epilepsy drug.
Valproate is commonly prescribed worldwide under different names to combat epilepsy and other kinds of seizure.

It has been known for numerous years that the drug should not be offered to pregnant ladies, since of the high risk of hereditary malformations or autism in their infants.
Nevertheless plaintiffs in France state this information was never ever effectively interacted, which as an outcome many countless kids were born with physical or psychological issues.
Representatives of households called the investigating judges decision to introduce a formal investigation “a terrific victory”.
Sanofi states it will fight the action at every stage since it states it did comply with its responsibility to inform. It is not clear if the investigation will cause a trial.