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” Beth wasnt a victim of Covid, she was a victim of the scenarios caused by Covid,” the household of Pattison said in the article.
The household stated Beth Pattison had endured 2 bouts with breast cancer in the past– she was dealt with for the condition both in 2016 and 2017– but doctors told Pattison twice her consistent cough was from the novel coronavirus.
The 27-year-old housing officer went to Bridge End Surgery in March with problems of a persistent cough. She was informed at the time that she likely had COVID-19 considering that there was a break out in the United Kingdom then.

The mother of a five-year-old is dead after being informed her symptoms were likely from coronavirus when they were really due to cancer, according to a report on BBC.


Pattison had an appointment with an oncologist at Newcastles Royal Victoria Infirmary via telephone two months later on, the report stated. Again, she was apparently informed her disease was the unique coronavirus, her daddy Craig Pattison described.
Almost 3 months later on, Pattison was admitted to the medical facility and on June 8 was treated for possible pneumonia, the post said. COVID-19 tests taken prior to admission and two taken during her hospitalization were unfavorable, Craig said in the article.


Craig told the media that a week had actually passed before doctors examined further and found the young mom had lung, ovarian and breast cancer. Pattison died June 27 in the health center.

” As always, we would restate to people that if youre experiencing possible cancer symptoms, please contact your GP practice,” it stated.
” Were not aiming to blame any health professional due to the fact that the care and support she got over four years was second to none and we think what the NHS has done, particularly because March when the pandemic occurred, has been superb,” the daddy stated.

” If theres something Beth can leave as her tradition its that people who have actually had a previous diagnosis of cancer are examined for it initially prior to other causes are taken a look at,” Craig said.

The family stated Beth Pattison had survived 2 bouts with breast cancer in the past– she was treated for the condition both in 2016 and 2017– however medical professionals told Pattison twice her consistent cough was from the novel coronavirus.
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Pattisons household is pleading with the National Health Service to look for cancer as a top priority if a client has a history of the disease and not just assume it is COVID-19.
” Lets make certain the terrible illness hasnt return. Get checked now. Thats all were asking,” Craig stated to the outlet.
The BBC said Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust has actually been approached for comment and that Bridge End Surgery used the family its condolences.