Texas governor discusses the upcoming flu season, schools reopening and ending his mask mandate – FOX 4 Dallas

He also stated the state has enough PPE supplies for school districts to keep instructors and trainees safe.
He is confident schools will be ready for the fall semester however said districts do require to be all set to move from in-person to online learning if there is a localized COVID-19 outbreak.
” School districts get to make their own decision and they get to take in the recommendations of regional public health authorities along with state and nationwide health authorities. And after that in addition to that, they can supply either an in-classroom setting, a remote learning setting or a mix of the 2 instilling the safest practice possible,” Abbott said.
The governor also believes the states mask mandate is working. He informed FOX 4 that masks are cutting the number of people now in health centers statewide.
He called them uneasy but said they are the best way to avoid the spread of the infection.
” Pretty quickly, maybe as soon as September, there will be restorative drugs that people will be able to take who test positive for COVID-19 and then we keep seeing these newspaper article about the velocity of vaccines possibly ending up being readily available perhaps as early as November. And when vaccines begin becoming available, it will imply that we will be able to develop the sense of herd resistance,” Abbott said.
Abbott said the states mask required might be lifted before completion of the year if the numbers continue to improve and there are much better treatments offered for individuals with COVID-19.
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He said the upcoming seasonal flu will posture a brand-new difficulty.
” We understand that the influenza season is showing up and if influenza season this coming year were as severe as it was in 2015 on top of the pandemic of COVID-19, that might present considerable difficulties for your hospitals, as well as for your PPE supplies, etc. And so the state of Texas is preparing yourself for the state and for regional medical facilities to be able to deal both with COVID-19 in addition to the upcoming influenza season,” Abbott said.

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The governor said this week the state has more than $1 billion worth of individual protective devices prepared to help fight the influenza and both covid-19.

The guv is set up to participate in a roundtable occasion with state health leaders and other medical specialists at UT Southwestern Medical.

DALLAS – Gov. Greg Abbott will remain in Dallas Thursday to talk about preparations for the upcoming flu.

During a FOX 4 interview, Gov. Greg Abbott reacted to criticism from Tarrant County leaders about a spiritual convention being held at the Fort Worth Convention Center. When his mask mandate may end, he likewise responded to concerns about reopening schools and talked about.

Gov. Abbott responds to questions about schools, masks and more