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Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich goes mask-free in todays media accessibility video.
Heres the Q-and-A:
( 0:52) The Times-Standard asks, “When does Humboldt County job the next peak in cases to take place? With nearly 50 new cases in the first four reporting days of this month, how close is the county to elevating the risk level to 4?
The brand-new case count is concerning and the positivity rate is certainly increasing, Frankovich says. However, we have not hit the threshold for level 4 yet. The elements include a constellation of procedures, consisting of contact testing and tracing ability, epidemiological information and the state of our healthcare system..
” So I do not understand,” she says. “Im hoping we can avoid it.”.
( 1:57) The Times-Standard asks, “With more than 40 percent of cases in Humboldt County impacting those who are more youthful than 29 years of age, how is it considered safe to enable schools to fulfill in individual? It strikes lots of as odd that school district boards satisfy via Zoom over security issues however are alright sending hundreds of trainees back to in-person mentor.”.
School board meetings work well by means of Zoom, but a lot of kids do better in a school setting with onsite instruction, Frankovich says. Theres no entirely safe option, so its a matter of balancing risk and advantage within the neighborhood. Theres more benefit to students having in-person guideline than there is for other types of celebrations, she says.
( 3:33) Redwood News asks, “Looking at the county control panel as of this morning there are presently 32 cases under examination. This number has actually seen more development than other transmission types this week. Can you talk about why there is such a big number under investigation?
In some cases it takes a little bit of work to determine how a new case intersects with a previous one, specifically when there is a bunch of new cases, Frankovich explains..
You get copies of the results then vet them. Can you talk about what this vetting procedure looks like?

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich goes mask-free in todays media schedule video. The new case count is concerning and the positivity rate is definitely increasing, Frankovich says.( 3:33) Redwood News asks, “Looking at the county control panel as of this early morning there are currently 32 cases under investigation. The county has frequently retested them at its own lab, which has higher-level equipment. The countys response has actually leaned toward education rather than enforcement, Frankovich states.

The point-of-care test utilized in Hoopa has its limitations, Frankovich says. The county has actually typically retested them at its own laboratory, which has higher-level equipment. Thats not constantly necessary, she includes, however its an essential element of maintaining a precise count..
( 6:31) Redwood news asks, “Can you confirm Humboldt County has not received any additional financing to work with contact tracers? If so, how are you staffing that team? How has it grown since the start of the pandemic? Do you need more individuals? Is this impeding contact tracing examinations?

Its a continuous work-in-progress, Frankovich says. “Were sort of constantly refashioning our teams.” There is funding entering the county to support pandemic response, she adds, and the county is designating personnel and volunteers where needed..
The county might start hiring new contact tracers “because were clearly seeing that some of these cases are made complex theres several contacts and we really need to have great deals of boots on the ground doing the work,” she states.
( 8:51) The North Coast News asks, “The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance that allows the releasing of citations for businesses not adhering to health orders connected to coronavirus citations will range from $100s for an individuals and as much as $10,000 for services who do not follow local and state health orders. Is this something that could occur in Humboldt? Who can make that decision and who would be entrusted with enforcement?
The countys response has favored education instead of enforcement, Frankovich says. “We seem like organizations have suffered a lot in this pandemic and they are very important to the households that live and work in this neighborhood,” she includes, stating the majority of people do desire to comply. “And thats practical.”.
Still, officials have been working on a codified response that advances from cautions through citations..
( 10:29) The North Coast News asks, “There is a great deal of speak about mass voting by mail. Do you believe main-in ballot is the safer option rather than gathering at the polls?
Frankovich states after encouraging everybody to vote if polls are built in a safe way– one that permits for masking ans social distancing– that might be a choice. If thats not possible then mail-in is the much safer alternative..
( 11:30) The North Coast News asks, “What do you think about the possibility of Oregon closing the border and limiting travel from California and Oregon to restrict spread?
Isolating ourselves like an island is “an appealing concept,” Frankovich says. “Practically speaking, I do not see it occurring– for numerous factors,” she includes. However we can encourage regional citizens and outsiders alike not to take a trip..