Doctors, dentists warn of mask mouth trend – KTNV Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KTNV)– Dentists and physicians state theyre seeing a new age of oral issues from prolonged mask wearing due to COVID-19.
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The wave is being coined mask mouth, and consists of symptoms like foul breath, dental caries and gum inflammation.
” Its just not something we were expecting to see with a lot of mask wear,” states Dr. Daliah Wachs. “As were using the mask, rather than breathing through our nose, were breathing through our mouth”
Dr. Wachs says a lack of humidity in the mouth causes dry mouth, and less saliva is produced.
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” We need saliva to help rinse your teeth and keep whatever copacetic,” says Dr. Wachs.
The term is a play off meth mouth, which is a common term referred to patients who have dental caries from methamphetamine usage.
Mask mouth isnt as visually glaring.
Medical professionals encourage continued mask use, and state the secret to avoid any germs develop is to regularly hydrate.
” Just because were using a mask, and were not chewing gum and not fretted about individuals smelling halitosis, it does not mean were not having halitosis,” says Dr. Wachs. “You still need to focus on oral health.”
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Doctors are also encouraging patients to continue with routine consultations with their dental experts as offices resume.