Napolitano: Every student in UC system must get flu shot to ease burden on battered health care system – East Bay Times

The order, according to the declaration, is “designed to prevent a rise of influenza cases at healthcare facilities throughout the state during the unprecedented public health crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic.”

The move comes simply a week after a Contra Costa County health official pleaded with the general public to take more safety measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, especially considering whats ahead.

Students will be required to get the shot by Nov. 1.

Students at the university will not be alone in the abrupt mandate. University of California executives provided the requirement of every student in the university system.

” To support the health and well being of UC trainees, faculty and personnel and our neighborhoods, the University of California, in assessment with UC Health leadership, has actually provided a system-wide executive order,” a statement provided Friday from Napolitanos office said.

In a declaration, UC President Janet Napolitano said the executive order belongs to a proactive method by the UC system to alleviate the problems of influenza season that are expected to be loaded upon a health care system currently battered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

BERKELEY– UC Berkeley trainees will have an additional requirement if they plan to continue their education this fall: An influenza shot.

” This is gon na get bad,” Dr. Desmond Carson said. “When flu season comes, how am I gon na distinguish influenza from corona? How am I gon na do that? ”

The executive order likewise requires all faculty and personnel who are working at a UC place to get a vaccination. Faculty and personnel can ask for medical exemptions, but that process has not been determined yet.

The Centers for Disease Control said that flu vaccinations can reduce the danger of flu-related hospitalizations amongst older grownups by about 40%