Two Alabama women launch handmade chalk business during pandemic –

Like any walkway chalk, Hopscotch items can be used to develop sidewalk art or, as the name suggests, play outside video games like hopscotch– however Hopscotch barely looks like common walkway chalk offered at significant merchants.

Ashwander stated faithful clients integrated with pickup and shipment alternatives enabled the pair to continue making sales at their original organizations even when the states Stay at Home order was first released in late March. COVID-19 concerns and statewide limitations on group events brought The Albanys company to a halt this spring.

” You could not get chalk anywhere. It offered out on all the sites, and it was $40 a box on Amazon for the Crayola walkway chalk, so we chose that there was an opportunity there,” Faulkner said.

” In the beginning we had active ingredients all over, packaging peanuts everywhere, trying to do whatever in one area,” Ashwander said. “Weve gotten much cleaner and neater.

They stated initially, making chalk was an untidy procedure that left them covered in glitter, “chalk icing” that decorates their product and chalk active ingredients in every color of the rainbow.

Ashwander and Faulkner chose to utilize the empty area in The Albany to launch Hopscotch. Faulkner said the duo had a list of organization concepts, however eventually decided on the sidewalk chalk line.

The colorful chalk is available in a variety of shapes, including rainbow blocks, pencils, initials and constructing toys. The washable chalk is scented with the brands signature “Tutti Frutti” fragrance and is embellished with eco-friendly glitter, the “chalk icing” and sprays.

” We had an open area to do something, and required some way to ideally make cash,” Ashwander said.

Faulkner said Hopscotch took off so rapidly that initially, orders were being shipped as rapidly as they were being made. Now, the pair has actually had the ability to stock their inventory as their business has expanded.

Faulkner said Hopscotch chalk is produced in 3 different areas within The Albany, including the kitchen area.

Hopscotch chalk items, which range in rate from $9 to $12, are available for purchase at The Paper Chase and Old River Interiors, and online at Ashwander and Faulkner also sell their products wholesale to organizations in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Louisiana and Michigan, and plan to expand their wholesale distribution in the coming months.

” We have one area where were really making the chalk, and another location where we embellish the chalk, and a third area where were product packaging,” Faulkner said.

Faulkner said retail sales at The Paper Chase and Old River Interiors have mainly gone back to pre-pandemic numbers, but the pandemic is still harming Ashwanders occasion preparation service.

With the assistance of 3 part-time staff members, Ashwander and Faulkner manage each phase of their procedure– from blending active ingredients to product packaging– at The Albany, an occasion place in downtown Decatur that Ashwander owns.

” Children truly gravitate toward it, whichs been our goal the whole time,” Ashwander said. “We want it to be pretty and various and neat, however at the same time still be a beneficial product that they enjoy.”

“The neat part is how weve evolved, and how we developed together. We actually construct off each other,” Ashwander said.

In addition to Ashwanders occasion location, she and Faulkner both own retail shops in downtown Decatur. The set moved their retail organizations from Bank Street to Second Avenue Southeast about a year ago, and now operate out of a shared retail area. Ashwander, an occasion coordinator, owns The Paper Chase, and Faulkner, an interior designer, owns Old River Interiors.

” We make every bit of it from scratch, right here in Decatur,” Ashwander said.

By Cassie Kuhn, Decatur Daily
2 Decatur ladies mixed secret ingredients with pigment and water to create a few messes and their own line of walkway chalk thats assisted balance out the coronavirus pandemics effect on their regular companies.
Ashley Ashwander and Lindsey Faulkner introduced their Hopscotch chalk brand in mid-April, when small companies were having a hard time to keep operating and children were stuck at home looking for quarantine-friendly activities.

” In the start we used aprons and produced a mess each time that we made chalk. We got smarter because undoubtedly we and a couple of other girls are the ones cleaning it up whenever.”

The set prepares to release new items in the coming months, consisting of seasonal chalk for Halloween, Christmas and other vacations. The holiday-themed chalk will feature new winter season and cinnamon apple scents.

Hopscotch chalk comes in a range of chalk sets, consisting of a “Back To School” chalk set and a “Brick Chalk Set.” One item is “chalk blasts” including colorful layers of chalk that create rainbow patterns when dragged throughout a pathway.