Almost every inmate in one Bonneville County Jail pod tests positive for COVID-19 – East Idaho News

” A prison is not the Marriot,” Wilde states. “It is a prison, however our jail is looked after. We preserve it. We ensure there is a medical personnel that looks after our prisoners. All the false things that comes out about how bad it is needs to be put away and know that the inmates in the Bonneville County Jail are well looked after.”

Inmates at the prison are not the only ones who have checked positive for COVID-19. Considering that the break out of the pandemic, 3 members of the jail personnel have actually evaluated favorable for the infection. Wilde stated these personnel members isolated and did not pertain to work.

Bonneville County Sheriff Paul Wilde reveals COVID19 cases at the Bonneville County Jail.|Eric Grossarth,

Bonneville County Sheriff Paul Wilde announces COVID19 cases at the Bonneville County Jail. Inmates at the prison are not the only ones who have evaluated favorable for COVID-19.” A jail is not the Marriot,” Wilde states. “It is a jail, however our jail is taken care of. All the false stuff that comes out about how bad it is needs to be put away and understand that the prisoners in the Bonneville County Jail are well taken care of.”

IDAHO FALLS– Almost every prisoner in a single pod at the Bonneville County Jail tested favorable for COVID-19.

While personnel at the prison say they are doing everything they can to keep COVID-19 from dispersing, a minimum of one inmate still felt worried. Skylar Briggs invested less than 24 hours in prison prior to bonding out Tuesday.

” I do not wish to catch it,” Briggs states. “I seemed like everyone was sick around me. … I hope they can get it under control and I hope they can deal with prisoners better and maybe supply medications that can assist with their signs.”

The cases that appeared late Tuesday night are not yet included in Bonneville Countys total case numbers, Eastern Idaho Public Health Community Health Director Jame Corbett said. As the real reports from the test are received by EIPH, then the numbers will be added.

Prison Doctor Jeff Keller stated by following CDC guidelines for prisons, the personnel intends to avoid brand-new cases from coming within.

Briggs says seeing how the staff moved from system to system contributed to his concern.

Staff at the jail report the prisoners who tested favorable for COVID-19 say they do not have symptoms.

” Procedures to keep that particular housing unit separated and lessen contamination from other parts of the prison as much as possible were immediately executed,” Wilde says.

Wilde states the Sheriffs Office makes every effort to safeguard everyone in their custody and prison personnel are well equipped and gotten ready for the pandemic.

” Everybody is wearing masks in the center and everyone is trying to do everything they can,” Wilde says. “They have actually been doing all the cleansing and preventative measures they could.”

With the cases not being counted as active, the prison numbers will not impact the threshold numbers developed by EIPH. The limit numbers identify what stage the county is in. Presently, with the number of cases Bonneville County has actually sustained for three days, health officials positioned the area at moderate risk or yellow.

” Its not going to resemble mother taking care of you when you got the flu,” Wilde states. “But we have a great medical personnel that are professional … and they will take great care of our prisoners that remain in our custody.”

Keller said when inmates test favorable for COVID-19, medical personnel supplies ibuprofen and acetaminophen to handle the symptoms.

” This is isolated out,” Corbett states. “Congregate living centers, particularly not long term care, but jails or prisons, are not counted in the active case rate.”

Bonneville County Sheriff Paul J. Wilde made the announcement Wednesday at a news conference. Wilde says recently, an inmate wasnt feeling well and asked to be evaluated.

Wilde states that while prisoners are ill, they take the scenario seriously and the detention deputies care.

Medical staff carried out the test and on Friday, a laboratory returned a favorable outcome for coronavirus. Everyone in his pod was tested Monday and of the 35 inmates kept in the unit, 34 received favorable outcomes Tuesday night.

” Weve released extra sanitation products and masks to all the inmates,” Keller states. “The inmates are not required to wear the masks in the dormitories, but they are required to use the masks outside the dormitories.”

” Immediately when I went in there everyone appeared to be coughing,” Briggs says. “I was sort of worried about myself for being in there.”

Each prisoner at booking is given a consumption questioner that determines their prospective exposure to the virus. The inmates are then separated for 14 days in a various part of the prison before going to the pods, Keller explains.