Chippewa Co. Public Health alerts to possible COVID-19 exposures – WEAU

CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) – The Chippewa County Department of Public Health is informing the general public of prospective COVID-19 direct exposure at the following Chippewa County places:
The View on Lake Wissota (Chippewa Falls): August 7 from 9 PM-2 AM
Badger Hole (Bloomer): August 5 from 2:30 -5:30 PM; August 8
Pleased Hour (Bloomer): August 8 from 7:30 -10 PM

Juniors Bar (Bloomer): August 8 from 9-11:30 PM
Car Show at Bloomer Fairgrounds (Bloomer): August 9 from 11 AM-2 PM
Get in touch with a health care service provider to be checked if you were at any of these places throughout the offered timeframes AND are experiencing signs of COVID-19. The possible exposure implies that an individual or people that checked positive for COVID-19 were at the location on the times given, and you may have been exposed.
Signs may develop 2-14 days after exposure, so please continue to monitor yourself.

Signs of COVID-19 include: – Fever or chills – Cough – Shortness of breath or trouble breathing – Fatigue – Muscle or body pains – Headache – New loss of taste or odor – Sore throat – Congestion or runny nose – Nausea or vomiting – Diarrhea
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