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I run our science desk, so the focus of the newsletter is mainly on scientific discoveries and debacles, from the very first confirmed reinfections to analyses of scientific research studies that got ahead of themselves. Well also highlight the human side of this pandemic– stories from around the web that display how the disease is affecting private peoples lives.

Hi, everybody. Im Mary Beth, the science editor at The Verge.

Were months into this pandemic, and theres still a lot left to find out and so lots of lives on the line. With so much at stake, all that information can be frustrating, but it doesnt need to be. Join us each week for the current, and in the meantime, remain safe out there.

This month were officially releasing a newsletter variation of Antivirus, a column that weve been silently presenting on the site every Saturday morning. Its everything about the unflagging efforts scientists are making to understand the coronavirus– and figure out how to stop it.