Fishers considers changes as COVID-19 cases rise – Fox 59

FISHERS, Ind. — With Fishers at severe risk of coronavirus spread, city officials could impose some strict guidelines later this week. 

The positivity rate needs to be at 10% or higher to be in the red or severe community risk category; Hamilton County is at 16.6%. 

The Fishers Board of Health laid out a plan of proposed recommendations that states social gatherings of all ages are the primary source of the widespread infections they are seeing across the community. 

The recommendations include: 

  • Stopping gatherings like sleepovers and parties 
  • Working from home if possible 
  • Staying at home except for essential services

The order also proposes limiting social gatherings to 25 people outdoors and 10 people indoors. 

 The health department ask that all residents make every action count:

  • Wear a mask 
  • Social distance 
  • Sanitize 
  • No outside visitors to your household

“Mitigation measures work. We know that. The picture that’s on this slide is of the Swiss cheese model. This is effectively saying that the layering of all of these measures together are what work, not one single thing,” said Fishers Health Department Public Health Director Monica Heltz. 

The health department also says that because of exposure to the virus, schools are getting close to being unable to staff different buildings. As a result, they are also recommending a big change in schools. If there is one case in a classroom, then the entire class should quarantine and extracurricular activities should be canceled.

“I think we have a good and strong process in place, and a lot of strong mitigation measures in schools, but the community spread has reached the point where it is seriously straining the system,” Heltz said. 

Overall, in the community, they are also seeing a strain on hospitals, and their contact tracers are overwhelmed. 

“We currently have nine contact tracers and are rapidly training and bringing on more,” said Heltz. “We are looking for more options but currently, our efforts are stretched and will make much less of an impact due to the rapid spread of the virus in this community.” 

The mayor is expected to make himself available to talk more about this later Wednesday. The governor is also giving his update on the coronavirus across the state Wednesday. 

The proposal that they made will be considered for adoption during Friday’s scheduled Board of Health meeting.